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Can we move out so soon?

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Sorry for the long thread but please bear with me. 

We used to live on the outskirts of a village. Semi rural location with walking distance into the village for the local takeaways and shops. Unfortunately we had to leave our much loved home due to having a landlord whom would not carry out Repairs on a leaking roof causing black mould to sprout up absoloutley everywhere. He also started overcharging for electricity going from £60 to £160 a month with no explanation. It was with great regret that we had to leave. However we knew we had to. We viewed a house in a very rural location. Liked the house and decided to take it. Now we are here everything has turned into a nightmare. The new house is council tax band F compared to old house band C. We have no mobile phone reception anywhere. And we were told our new area doesn’t have fibre or a plan for one. We were fine with this after being told our new connect package would receive 7mbps at quiet times and 3mbps at peak times. Well we receive 0.19mbps at all times and BT are not willing to resolve. We cannot use the Internet to watch media at all which my partner used to do frequently using his fire stick. We are also using a hell of a lot of heating oil here. ( we have used 750 litres in 1 month. Heating on for 5 hours per day ) My partner was caught speeding and now may face loosing his licence. We are completley rural with no bus routes. Nearest town 7 miles away and nearest shop 2 miles away. So he may not have access to work if he looses his licence. The new landlord seems kind and genuine which is a plus compared to the old and the house is in good condition. We have only been here 1 month. Signed a lease for 12 months. 2 months notice has to be given for moving out. Can we give the notice now and still be entitled to our deposit back or do we have to stay here for the entire 12 months? I have had a look at the lease and there is nothing stating what to do. Just that 2 months notice must be given. Our lives here are becoming more miserable everyday and it is causing us to argue. We didn’t expect these problems as we concentrated more on the condition of the property as our old one was a safety hazzard. We never thought this would happen with the broadband, Phone signal,oil or having a problem being so rural. Any advice would be great. Thanks. 

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Hi Samantha

Does your lease have a break clause? This usually gives you the option to give two months notice to leave after six months. Not every lease has this in but if yours does then you could move out much earlier. Other than that I am not sure you would have any grounds to leave now and not be liable for the rent – but I’m not a lawyer so perhaps speak to Citizens Advice to see if they can help.

You also have the option of appealing to your landlord’s good nature – ask them if they would be willing to surrender the tenancy agreement i.e. both sides agree that you can leave earlier than planned. Landlords don’t have to agree to this and yours may not. If they do, make sure you get it in writing. You could offer to help find a replacement tenant, which would sweeten the deal for them.


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