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Cannot contact my landlord

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I have been a private tenant for 14 years now. but live in a council block. For the first few years i was here i was on benifits, as i was bringing up small children. i had a lease for 3 years. but since that lease ran out, i have not been able to contact my landlord. the render outside of the building is falling away, and has caused a lot of mould in the upstair bedrooms, the council completely renovated the flats opposite last year, but wont do ours as they cant get a hold of the landlords of those that are private. so refuse to do the alndlord put gas centrel heating in the flat, which i got a grant for him to do this, i cant use the heating as the radiators are leaking. i have tried everyway possible to get in contact with him, but nothing.the last time i had contact was 10 years ago when he replaced my leaking water tank.

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