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cant use bathroom due to repairs in another flat.

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Hi, I’d be really grateful if somebody can help me.

I live in a first floor 1 bedroom privately rented flat. The tenant in the flat below me has informed us that there is a leak coming through her ceiling into the kitchen.

This has been happening now for a few weeks and doesn’t seem to co inside with when we run any water, however the leak continues. A plumber has taken a look behind our wall tiles but can’t see where the leak is coming from, but has said he can see a patch of water under our bathroom floor by looking through the ceiling in the flat below.

Anyways, the landlord (who is also the landlord for the tenant down stairs) now wants to rip up the whole bathroom floor to find where the leak is coming from.

Is it possible for someone to inform me of my rights regarding this. I know that the landlord has a duty to fix the leak for the tenant down stairs, however we are in need of our bathroom and worry that we won’t have access to a shower or sink for the foreseeable future.

Thanks everyone.

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