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Can't vacate by end of Notice, Please Help

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Hi peeps,

After months of problems with my bully of a landlord, failure to fix repairs and forcing me to pay for repairs out of my own pocket (plumbing issues) and never reimbursing me I gave 2 months notice.

I live alone and have serious health issues that have forced me to give up work, that’s the other reason I gave notice.

As a result I have no money so organising vehicles and men to help me move has been very difficult and all my friends and family are in Scotland and my family are too ill to travel or help with the move so I’m on my own.  I had organised men to help but they have cancelled, I have to be out by Monday 30th and with it being a bank holiday I just can’t find anyone else who will do it.  The soonest I can get anyone to help is the weekend of the 4th, so I need another week in the property basically.

They don’t have anyone else moving in and can imagine could do with the extra rent but they’ve refused point blank.  This is not helping with my health issues.  I know that I gave notice and legally I should be out by the 30th May but what will happen if I stay until the 4th June?

Will the landlord come with some friends and throw me out? What about my possessions? Even if I did leave and travel to live with my parents on the 30th there’s no way I can physically remove my belongings until the 4th June.

Any help much appreciated.


Hi Julie- whilst I woud never recommend this course of action unless absolutely necessary- in this instance this sounds applicable.

As a Tenant, regardless of notice given, your are legally entitled to remain in a property until legally evicted by court apointed bailiffs. Your only liability would be the rent for the additional period and any associated costs (e.g. bills). If you cant vacate before the 4th I advise you notify the Landlord of this and the reason and that is all that you need do.

Hope that helps- Kristjan

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