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Cat.1 hazard. No heating for cold weather and waiting to be rehoused/overcrowding

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So I had to get the council involved in may for numerous things. Most of which have been sorted. 

We had an overcrowding assessment and are overcrowded so got to apply to the council as homeless due to overcrowding.

One of the last things was we have no heating upstairs and just a warm air heating system downstairs. We have 5 young children and it gets so cold upstairs when the weather drops. 

This has been assessed and classed as a category 1 hazard.

The council told my landlord to get heaters put in upstairs by 1st September or he would have to consider serving an improvement notice.

It hasn’t been done and the council guy got back to me yesterday and said my landlord hasnt been responding to any of his correspondence so he will give her until early next week then serve the improvement notice for the minimum 28 days.

I’ve been messaging my landlord and she’s just been vague about when she can arrange it to be done and said how expensive it is and she can’t afford it right now. She’s now saying sometime in october but surely she would know a date when she would be able to afford it from?

What happens if it doesn’t get done?

Will the council have to then house us sooner?

Council guy said that it’s unlikely they’ll do remedial action themselves for various reasons but they will prosecute.


“Council guy said that it’s unlikely they’ll do remedial action themselves for various reasons but they will prosecute.”

What are these various reasons ? The Environmental health department is there to ensure you live in a hazard free environment. It’s a bit hilarious (I’m sure you don’t find it very funny though) to have them categorize a hazard and then deny remedial action. 

Your only option is to continue chasing both the landlord and the “council guy”. You can complain to the EH, if you feel their officer is not doing their job properly. 

If EH is finally unable to help you, you can contact your local MP. They might put some pressure on the EH to do repairs themselves. 

Also, negotiate if you can fund the repairs and replacements and then discount them from the rent. However, only do this is you have gotten the council’s approval. Otherwise you might just get evicted. 

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