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Cats and Carpets

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I am moving out of a property and I have just been asked by my landlord if I intend to replace the carpets. I have two cats, one of which has a habit of clawing the frickin’ carpets, as much as I discourage it I can’t be there 24 hours a day and he has caused damage.

When I moved I paid extra deposit for the cats and the LL was fully aware of them.

Having known about the cats and allowing me to move in, how much is on the landlord to pay towards the carpets as wear and tear (the cost of having allowed pets in his property) and how much is on me? I fear I already know the answer but I would prefer to keep as much of the deposit as possible.

Thanks in advance for any replies.

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Hi Badger- just because the Landlord knew you had cats does not mean you are not liable for their actions if that was the case no Landlord would ever accept a let with pets. Normal wear and tear relates to your activity and not that of pets. As such, you are entirely liable for any and all damage they cause.

With that said, the Landlord has to allow for general wear and tear. As such, he could fairly ask for you to pay for the full replacmenet cost of a damaged carpet that is, say, 5 years old. He has to allow for the item to devalue over time.

There is great guidance for these on your relevant deposit registartion website that sets all of these paramters outr for you if you just find it (usually very easy).

Hope that helps- Kristjan

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