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Ceiling fell on my toe in rented property

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I have lived in the one bedroom flat for 9 months and everything works well. I live on the 7th floor and no other flats above me. The roof is a pitched roof and O have access to the loft froom my bathroom.

Last night the ceiling felling on my head, a piece about 4 foot long and just over 2 foot wide.

There were no cracks, no water damage, nothing had flalled on the ceiling but part of it suddnely came down in the kitcen and fell on my toe. There are nails up so looks it should have been secure. The letting agent, the manager of the letting agent and the owner all turned up took pictures and I feel they feel I was in the loft and accidentally stepped on the none boarded part of the loft but have not said that. They said the freeholder will repair as it looks like a structural problem but cant see what it is. The building of 60 or so flats. I have spoken to several other people and no one has had this problem.

Do I have a clain against the landlord on a no win/fee claim for brusing to my toe?



clarification – hit heat, no brusing but toe has bursing as the bit that fell on my toe edge ways. doctor said nothing broken just a bit of brusing. The letting agents checks the flat every three months.


Hi Adam

As far as I know you’d need to show some sort of loss or hardship resulting from the incident to be able to claim anything – so, lost earnings if you couldn’t work as a result, medical bills or other expenses.

If you want to speak to a solicitor then the initial consultation is usually free.


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