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Ceiling repair - unable to move in

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1 week before we were due to move into a new rented property and 2 weeks before I started my PhD, the ceiling in the kitchen fell in due to a leak in the bathroom above. 

It has now been 34 days since this was noticed, as luckily no one was on the house when it happened. The ceiling was only fixed last week and we are still waiting for the house to be cleaned off the dust from the ceiling. 

My partner does not work in the city and was able to stay with his mother while this was fixed, but I have had to move around university accommodation and Aibnb rooms at great expense to myself. This has been extremely stressful, as you can imagine.

The worst part is that my landlord is all but unreachable, and every time I am able to reach him, he tells me i will definitely be able to move in on such and such date, then moving it back due to not being able to arrange cleaning.

My landlord’s insurer has told me that I will be and to claim expenses for accommodation above the daily rental rate, but even this is very expensive and I have no idea how much longer this is going to continue. Most rooms are booked up, so I can only stay for one or two nights at a time.

I was hoping for some advice here. Is there anything I can do at all to claim compensation?


I meant to add that the insurance company took 2.5 weeks to even arrange someone to assess the damage, which held things up.

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