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Challenging/bargaining over a rent increase

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My landlord wants to put the rent up to £625 pcm for a 3 bedroom house. I want to challenge it by suggesting that he replaces one of the carpets (which smells smoky from the previous tenants), and mends the gas fire (although I never use it because there is central heating). Am I within my rights to say that I won’t pay the rent increase until these things are done? I did ask once before about the carpet during an inspection.

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Hi Peter

If you were to already have the landlord’s agreement in writing to change the carpets etc as part of a rent increase agreement then you would be within your rights to insist on it. However, even in that situation, if you didn’t pay a part of your rent that would simply put you in breach of your tenancy agreement and the landlord could remove you. It doesn’t sound like you have that here so it’s a case of negotiating.

If you want to negotiate then you’re well within your rights to do so but, ultimately, it’s up to the landlord whether they want to keep you as a tenant enough to accept your conditions.

If you want to challenge a rent increase then you can do so via a tribunal – there’s more info on that here.


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