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Change in occupancy and eviction

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Me and by boyfriend moved into our apartment 1.5 months ago and are very happy about living there, unfortunately I received an email from my rental agency yesterday stating that: “We have renewed our lease with the landlord recently, due to the licensing reason, your room is becoming single occupancy only. Therefore, this is your 30 days leaving notice to the named room and you shall vacate the room on 16/09.”

My questions are:

Does anyone know what “licensing reason” demands our room to become single occupancy only?

Is it possible for them to change the status like that and evict us? Out contract states that the room is a double room and both our names are on it. Furthermore, our contract only runs until January, so its not like it doesn’t have a near ending date, where they could change the occupancy status for the next tenants.

I hope someone knows something about this situation.

Thank you!

Louise and Baudouin


Hi Louise

Why don’t you ask them what licensing reasons they are referring to? It could be something to do with the house being defined as House of Multiple Occuption although I don’t see why that would need you to leave and it’s more likely that there is another more money motivated reason.

They can only remove you in accordance with your tenancy agreement – I’m not a lawyer but I can’t think of anything that would give them the right to evict you without following the proper steps. That would be an illegal eviction. What does your tenancy say about landlords removing tenants? Most tenancies require at least two months notice to be given and it’s not possible to remove a tenant at all during a fixed term. It might be worth taking your tenancy to Citizens Advice or to a Law Centre to get some advice.

Just remember that if they start to get angry or bullying that normally means they’re not following the right procedures and are trying to cover it up by forcing you into a situation with threats. You have rights and one of them is not to be forced out of your home without the proper steps being followed.


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