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Change the payment date

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I rent an appartment and the payment day in every 30th of the month. I asked to change the date on the 10th because that’s the day I get paid from my job and the agency asks me to pay 348 pounds. The rent is 815pm.

I asked them how that cost comes out and they replied me by this  

£815 x 12 divided by 365 days x 13 days = £ 348.33

Is this possible to happen ? Because I am not UK citizen and all these are really new to me I would like some advice please




Hi llias

The usual way is to multiply the monthly rent by 12, and divide that number by 365 to get the daily figure so that calculation does look right.

Although 13 days seems too many if the period to be covered is 30th – 9th?  Even in a 31 day month.

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