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charged for fumigation?!

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Hi everyone,

Looking for a little advice on an issue I recently moved out of a private rented property. Left the property in better condition than was received ( house was filthy and horribly decorated) and paid 150.00 to have one of the bedrooms re plastered after discovering the plaster was crumbling away when removing old wallpaper. We paid for the plastering as we didn’t pay a bond and agreed to foot the bill instead of replacing the stair carpet as agreed(landlord partner of a friend) due to having a cat for peace of mind we flea bombed the house a few months ago and have had no issues with fleas or being bitten. Left the property clean and tidy had a phone call today 4 days after vacating the property saying the new tenants have moved in and ripped up the carpeting and have been bitten by fleas and now the landlord is looking to have us foot the bill, dispite never having any issues with fleas before leaving. Does the landlord have the right to charge me for fumigation of £200?

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