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Check-out fee

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We’re moving out of a flat, and the lettings agent is charging us a “check out fee” of £60, presumably to cover the cost of hiring the guy who checked our flat against the inventory (30 minutes work). I understand that all businesses have costs to cover, but it does feel like a final sting in the tail after never being late with rent, and leaving the flat in great condition. While this was in the contract, it does feel a bit unfair to place this cost on the tenant. I’ve rented in many places before and have never been charged for checking out of a property. Is this normal? 

I was going to give my lettings agent a Christmas gift for being so good over the last couple of years, but don’t think I’ll bother now.

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Hello Grace,

A check out fee is present in a lot of letting agencies. Unfortunately, the agent can charge the fee and the only requirement is that it is announced in advance. In your case it’s in the contract so there is no way going around it. 

It is unfair, as are all letting fees that serve the landlord, but are paid by the tenants.

Is this normal ? I don’t know about normal, but it’s a common practice. The government is looking to ban letting fees to tenants, but that likely won’t happen in we’re stuck with whatever fees agents think of (within very loose limitations).. 

We did publish an editorial on letting fees a few weeks ago. Maybe check it out, as there is information on how to counteract and seek your rights, but from what I know you can’t dodge this one.


Thank you Audrey. If it’s in the contract, I won’t kick up a big fuss, that will land me in more trouble than its worth. 

Still cheeky though- what other business charges you a fee to stop using their services, while not being in breach of contract?!


If you didn’t read the article I posted above, check out – and see for yourself how much chargers are there really. 

The project pulls data from over 900 letting agents, so all of this are real things tenants pay for through this agent or the other.



I’ve got simillar problem as above but with private landlords (before we stayed with agency but they sold flat with tenants mean us and now we’ve got private landlords) they send me email with information about the cost check out (I don’t know how much) but in our contract we don’t have clause saying we have to pay cost check out. I didn’t know even is something like that 🤔

Also I know when they bought the flat they should make invertory raport and check the property (they just checked property and didn’t make raport) we’ve got old raport from agency

Can we disagree with them and not paying? 

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