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Check out fee promptly required 2.5 months before end of agreement.

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Hi guys,

Essence: Landlord requires prompt payment of checkout out and renewal admin fees 2.5 months before the end of tenancy.

Whole story:

Last year me and my flatmate singed a 12 months fixed period AST agreement. It ends on 28th of August 2014. The landlord is a big lettings agency from Wood Green, London. Suddenly on 1st of May my landlord started asking us if we want to extend the agreement. It was 4 months before the end of current agreement. We didn’t know so we just replied the truth: “We don’t know yet if we want to sign new agreement”. Later in the beggining of June landlord started bugging us again asking about extending the agreement. We made a decision that I will stay in the apartment and my flatmate won’t. We informed the landlord. Then instantly the landlord send us invoices requiring “prompt” payment of renewal admin fee for me and check out admin fee for my flatmate. Landlord wants me to sign new AST agreement and pay new deposit as soon as possible. This is happening 2.5 months before the end of current agreement. A new deposit is required as legally the tenant will change, as the tenant was me and my flatmate, now I will be a single occupier. Requiring this payments 2.5 before the end of agreement is not fair for me. And I don’t have money to pay this at the moment. Is this legal? I would like not to accept the invoice and tell landlord to wait till August.

Please help! Any advice is welcome. Thank you.

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