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Check out fee

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Hi just trying to find someone to help with some advice

After paying what i thought was very expensive fees to move into a 1 bed flat

Reservation and admin fee.  £315

Additional reference.   £75

Rent in advance.  £675

deposit.  £250(non refundable)

Professional clean and checkout.  £276

This was through Red Door homes,Rochester Kent.

Well after a Yr i told my landlady that i wanted a private agreement and to stop using

the agent Red Door,as they wanted a yearly re-newel(non refundable deposit)low deposit scheme to which

you pay yearly.She agreed,and all is fine,signed a solicitors tennancy agreement,paid her a £675 refundable deposit.

So with a little background info,onto some advice needed.Contacted red door homes and asked for a refund

of the Professional clean and checkout Fee £276,for reasons being

1:   I am still in the property,now under private Landlady

2:   The said estate agent,diddnt visit the property,do a checkout inventry,inspect the property,or try to contact me.

After contacting them,they said they would contact landlady,and that moneys were held in a seperate Acc and were for checkout and clean,i explained that under my agreement and new contract,direct with the landlady,i have nothing to do with red door homes,and furthermore hold no existing contract with themselves.

Well after 8 days,and no contact with my landlady,i contacted them again via e-mail,reiterrating the above once more,

to which they replied,send us your bank details and we will refund the cleaning money,but i have to pay checkout fee.

Checkout fee for what?….what service did they perform?…hopefully someone can advise me what to do next,after which i will re-email and ask for the breakdown for cleaning and checkout,so i will know what tbey are offering,u can bet your life it will be something like 20% clean 80% checkout .I knew they were going to be trouble,as 5 mins after accepting the propert last yr,and very desperate to move in asap they rang to say £25 per mnth extra if i want it as someone else wants it too….mant thx for reading this Epic.Lance

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Hi Lance

Why don’t you ask the agent for the invoice for the check out fee, stating the date and time on which the fee was incurred and the activities for which it was incurred? If they make something up then they’re commiting fraud. Get quotes for professional cleaning that you can present to the agent if their figures are very different and have a look in your original tenancy as this should state what the check out fee should be. If it doesn’t then contact ARLA or a similar body and ask what the industry average is (in writing).

Perhaps get a letter from your landlord stating they are waiving the check out fee. You have no contract with the agent, only with the landlord, and the agent is not a party to that contract, so I don’t know on what basis they could claim this if not on the landlord’s behalf. 


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