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check out fees

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I received a notice requiring possession, the estate agent has done the check out inspection and they are asking me to pay for it, do I have to? Should not be the landlord to pay it as he is the one who wanted the property back. Also can I ask for the refund of the rent I left 2 days before the end of the month.

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Hi Clara,

Did you receive a Section 21 notice to vacate the property? If so, check that your deposit was protected in one of the three govoenment backed schemes. If it is not protected, the notice is not valid and you can claim all of your deposit back, plus up to 3x the original deposit manout.

Check your tenancy agreement for any mention of end of tenancy check outs and charges for this service. I’d also recommend checking any other documents you have from the letting agent for any mention of check out fees. If you have no written record I would suggest that you ask them to take it from the deposit and then dispute it.

With regards to the refund of rent. Was this an agreement with the Landlord to leave two days earlier, or did you just vacate the property on a date that suited you? If you left of your own accord, they do not owe you two days rent.

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