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checkout done before keys handover

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I recently vacated my flat that I’ve been living in for over a year.

I had handed over the keys during my lunch hour around 12:20 at the agents office. However, in the checkout report that agent has sent me has the photographs timestamped to 11:50 etc which is before I had handed over the keys.

I was told the checkout will be done after the keys handover onthe day or within 10 days of it. So my question is , is it legal to do a checkout report before I’ve given back possession i.e handed over the keys?

Please let me know your thoughtsa


Hi Rams

I’m not a lawyer but as far as I know there’s nothing illegal about it and I’m guessing it’s not in the contract so there’s no breach of contract and as long as you had at least 24 hrs notice and didn’t object then it seems reasonable. It’s actually preferable for you to be present at the check out and to sign off the report if you can before you hand over the keys so you still have access to the property to query anything you want to. The point of the check out is to record any damage you’ve done to work out how much – if any – of your deposit the landlord can keep to cover the cost of that damage.

I can’t imagine what the benefit would be to them to imply the check out was before you handed over the keys, other than that you were there at the time and agreed it but that would be hard to prove. It’s likely it’s just more of an annoyance that you were given the wrong info about your check out but if you want to question it further speak to someone at Citizens Advice.


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