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Checkout Inventory Questions

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Hi There,

I hope someone might be able to advise me. I’m a tennant and plan to move out in a few months, to keep the story short my letting agent and landlord have been a nightmare in terms of keeping contact so I have a few concerns when it comes to moving out.

Before I move out of the property would it be advisable to have an indpendent company carry out an inventory?

and can the checkout inventory be an exact match of the photos on the move in inventory? I don’t want to take pictures of everything if its unecessary.

I had asked for the property unfurnished however the furniture is still on the inventory. I tried to contact the landlord several times to provide somehting in writing that he removed the furniture with little success. I eventually sent him a detailed text message to which he replied “dont worry” – Am i able to present this text message as proof if it came to a dispute?

I’d appreciate any feedback


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Hi Arlind

It’s a good idea to get as much proof as you can of the way the property has been left, especially if you’re concerned that the landlord is going to try and keep some of your deposit for no good reason. In reality, most landlords try to do this but that deposit money remains yours until the landllord proves a right to hold on to any of it – that’s something a lot of tenants don’t understand.

Ideally, inventories are signed off by landlord and tenant – maybe suggest to the landlord that he chooses an inventory company and you share the cost. If not then yes, just pay for it yourself. Make sure photos are time and date stamped and if there is a dispute then use everything as proof, including the text message. Remember that the landlord can only charge you for damage, not for wear and tear.


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