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I took this cottage on three months ago. It is one of three in front of a farmhouse and I rent direct from the landlord, who owns the place and lives in the farmhouse although there is no actual farm. When I first came to see the place, I specifically asked if there were any chickens or peacocks or geese wandering about the place, as I am terrified of birds. I was told no, there weren’t any. They did have chickens, but don’t have them any more. 

About six weeks ago, he got more chickens. Now it might sound daft to most people, but I have to look all about to be sure there are none about before I can get out of my gate. This morning I had to stand and wait for them to go away before I could get to my car and when I came back, I was stuck in the car waiting for them to go away. It wouldn’t be so bad if they weren’t so damned friendly! 

My lease doesn’t run out until the end of October and I don’t want to fall out with anyone, but he knows I wouldn’t have taken the place had I known he was getting more chickens. Most people are afraid of something; with me it is birds, whether they fly or not.

I want an opinion of the best way to handle this. I shan’t be staying any longer than I have to, but should I just put up with it. It’s not as though I am in any danger, but they scare the life out of me. I would rather there were a couple of guard dogs outside the gate; dogs I love.

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