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Claiming costs for reparations

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Its 3 months since we moved out; it was 3 weeks before the landlord sent the check out (36 pictures) along with a claim for £1500 worth of reparations, almost all of which can be seen on the check in (237 pictures). Those not in the the check in are things we agreed verbally or by email. I cleared drains for them oversaw repairs and behaved as if it was my own property.

The relationship was based on our intent to purchase, but in the end the landlord decided to sell before we were ready/able  to buy. In the 2 years we were there they did not inspect the property once. We allowed them access for sales viewing (stupid!) and at one point when we asked to vary a viewing by 30 minutes she threatened us with court action.

We have refused to pay anything and asked for our deposit back within seven days or we would go to court.  After 3 weeks they have now engaged a solicitor and threaten us with court action.

Can you put me in touch with a solicitor in the Worcester area who can sort this out for us please?

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Is the deposit protected? If so, just request a free ADR service from the scheme where it is protected. It’s the same as the courts, only faster and deals with deposits exclusively. 

You can easily prove that most deductions are visible in the check-ins, and you’ve already agreed to cover those that aren’t, so it should be an easy process. If the landlord insists on using the courts, you can check our tenant resources page – – for a solicitor or somebody who can help. 

If your deposit is not protected, you can claim up to 3x the deposit amount + the original deposit. I can link you to a solicitor who can help you with that particularly. 

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