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We rented our property through an agent and the landlord chose to complete his own inventory. We are now moving out and the agent has sent us a check out letter outlying our responsibilities regarding cleaning. They have given us an advised cleaning schedule which states that if the carpets were cleaned or new at the start of the tenancy then they need to be professionally cleaned and that a receipt needs to be produced as evidence. Our tenancy agreement only states that the property needs to be “cleaned to the same standard as stated in the check in report of the inventory and schedule of condition”. We now are having a dilemma… The landlord did not document the condition of the property on the check in report (I was not present for the check in but my partner was). The agent cannot tell us if the carpets were new or had been cleaned at the start of the tenancy, but has advised that we do a professional clean. My questions are:

1. Is the check out letter from the agent a legal document or do we only have to follow what is in the tenancy agreement regarding cleaning (nothing specific is stated relating to carpet cleaning).

2. Where do we stand with the ‘vague’ inventory if our landlord tries to penalise us for damage that occurred before we moved in?

Advise would be very much appreciated. Thank you.

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