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Clothes stuck in washing machine.

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Hi everyone,

I am just looking for some advice as my clothes are currently stuck in the washing machine full of water. they have been stuck overnight and I text the person who does repairs to come out and fix this for me. I live in a house share with 4 other people and they currently cannot use the washing machine. I just received a text today to say that he will be sending someone out tomorrow. is this acceptable? Also, if my clothes end up being ruined, can I ask for compensation from my landlord. 

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I find it unlikely for you to succeed in claiming any compensation over this. Your landlord cannot be held liable as the damage resulted from an unexpected breakdown, while you were using the washing machine. And, typically, your landlord is not responsible for tenants’ items. You should have renter’s insurance if you want reassurance that you’d never experience loss.

Repairs don’t happen instantly, and often you need to way a day or two before somebody comes to help. 

In this case, you might need to just take the hit, if any. But, I do believe your clothes will be fine after a good wash. 

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