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Cold Flat!

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I have a private rented flat , despite buying an extra portable heater it still feels cold. The walks have a couple damp patches and are very cold to touch. Currently I’m struggling with my health,  just more short of breath than usual. The agency said the window is double glazed but you can see my curtain blowing in wind. Can anything be done? Am I or is the landlord responsible? 

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Hi Jake

Every Landlord is required to provide a home that is warm and safe. If you have gas central heating i would advise bleeding the radiators to get rid of any air- its easy to do and can make a huge difference. Also, if you can, dont switch the heating off when you go out, just turn the thermo stat down to around 15- this should actually be more efficient.

If the windows are letting in a draft you can buy very easy, self adhesive window strips for about £3 from B&Q.

Whilst these are things the Landlord should do- they are equally things you can do and for next to nothing. If that doesnt resolve it then your Landlord needs to investigate or should really provide additional heating.

Hope that helps

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