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Compensation for landlord'd failure to meet obligations

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What would be considered to be a reasonable compensation for a property not being as rented not functional as presented / advertised? A month’s rent?

 I recently moved into a new flat built Nov 2015, seven weeks after being approved as a tenant and paying reservation fee. As there were external works yet to be completed I agreed to rent in seven weeks’ time giving the landlord sufficient time to resolve outstanding issues with the developer/builder. The flat looks in superb condition as a new premises should be, but nothing exceptional by international standards.

Anyway what I did not realise was the landlord did not go through any snag list with the developer when taking possession. So as a first tenant I am now encountering all the problems with ventilation system (MVHR) not working (yep a problem in bathrooms that have no windows) which is also a key part of the energy efficiency, plumbing problems with showers and supply pressure to appliances and operational direction on how the water heating balance was supposed to work– no manuals and so on, BT fibre to home was supposed to be plug & play but out of action for a week which was a huge work problem.  Await follow-up from the developer that is being chased by the landlord. The landlord is well intentioned just not professional.

Already two weeks without issues being rectified. I cannot get the time wasted back but believe I should be compensated and believe a month’s rent would be acceptable as everything was to be operational and they had many weeks to get them right.

Let me know your thoughts / experience.


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Hi R Flood

A month’s rent sounds rather extreme given the time lapse of 2 weeks and that, whilst majorly frustrating, you have a safe and nice home.

Also, no Landlord or agent or developer will discuss any compensation whilst an issue is open. This will only be discussed once an issue has been resolved or concluded.

Rest assured, this is very common in new builds- of all price tags….so you are not alone. I dont think this should reflect, in any way, on the Landlord but solely on thew developer.

Press and Publicity speaks volumes- so I would take to social media (for the developer), contact their customer service and look to make what a shoddy job they have done publicly available. They make their money selling property- if you put people off buying due to shoddy workmanship you’ll be amazed how quick they act.

Everything they did will be under a minimum 1 year warranty with the owner so everything will HAVE to go through the developer. Rather than start immediately clammering for compensation I would work WITH the landord to try and get hese issues addressed as quickly as possible.

Not quite what you wanted but this is the best way forward- trust me! Once it is all resolved abd put to bed, if you then wish to seek compensation, that is when you can but you will have to suggest a fair and reasonable amount and give some reasoning as to how you calculated this figure.

Good Luck

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