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Compensation for long delay in repair

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I am renting my current flat for almost 11 months now. My landlord lives abroad and the flat is managed by the letting agency. My lease expires in 1 months time. I am the sole occupier and ever since I rented this flat, there is some or the other problems with the boiler. I only reported major problems (leaks no hot water) and in past, they were fixed in 2-4 weeks time. Most recently the problem has again cropped up where I am unable to use the shower for more than 2 months now. I reported it several times to letting agency and they are finally going to replace (the long overdue) boiler sometime next week.

As a result of no continuous hot water supply in the shower, my life is quite disrupted. For last 2 months, I am relying on gym and office for the shower. Every time I plan for some outdoor activity, I have to go to the gym (which is 20 minutes commute) to take the shower. This is quite frustrating when I come back from hiking, cycling, day trips in the evening. Many a time, I used paid showers at places to avoid a long commute.

I have told the letting agency that I will consider extending tenancy if you get it repaired as soon as possible and also demanded compensation for this long and overlooked disruption. He suggested me to put forward a proposal for compensation to the landlord but I am not sure on how to fairly price this proposal. I am generally very tolerant and understand that sometimes things take time but on this occasion letting agency took weeks to even acknowledge and respond. This resulted in a lot of inconvenience for me. Further, they are replacing the existing gas boiler with an electric one (which I assume is going to be an expensive proposition for me).

Any advice on how to fairly price this is much appreciated.

Many Thanks,


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In this case, it is very likely for the landlord to refuse or forward your compensation claim to the letting agents, because it’s them who actually took too long to acknowledge your problem and provide a solution. 

However, if you tell this to the letting agents, they will try to play you and the landlord both, as they usually do. 

I suggest you contact the landlord directly (you have a right to his name and address) – there probably are contact details in the tenancy agreement. Talk to them and see how this can be resolved. 

I must say, that there haven’t been many cases here where tenants successfully claim compensation for long or overdue repairs. 

There typically is no legal mechanism to enforce your landlord to pay a compensation, unless you can prove in court that you have suffered damages, had deteriorated health or a similar misfortune. I doubt that just the inconvenience would be enough.

Sorry, if I’m killing your hopes, you’re free to try it and then share your success story with the rest of us, but based on my experience, this is likely not going to happen. 

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