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Complaint from other flat's owners

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I privately rent the downstairs flat of a house coverted into 4 separate flats. One of the flats upstairs has just been bought by some people and they have complained about a post-it note that I have stuck on the glass of the front door asking for no-one to ring at MY flat unless they work for Royal Mail or have a package to deliver. I work evenings and so I’m home during the day and since I moved in I’ve had constant people ringing at my door, from charities asking for my support to Jehovah’s Witnesses. This has not been a single occurance and so I felt I had to put the note up, as I simply do not want to be disturbed and have to turn away people constantly at my front door, and at the same time do not want to miss any packages sent to me and my partner (of which we have quite a few as I order a lot of things online). I feel like this sign does not affect any of the other tenants/owners as it is a small sign and clearly states it’s for my flat. What are my rights/what should I do concerning this? I politely told the owner of the top flat that I put it up because of the above and that I’ll check with the letting agent, which at the time quietened him, but I’m now afraid this might become a bigger issue. In my opinion he does not own the WHOLE building so cannot tell others in the other flats what they can do but am I wrong?

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Hi Scott- what you have done does not sound unreasonable, in fact the guy upstairs sounds like the unreasonable one. I see no major reason why you should have to take your note down- however I hevnt seen what it looks like. If it is some horrendous, big, garish notice I understand that other residents may find this ghastly.

In reality it is about you and the guy upstairs reaching some common gground/agreement in this. I dont see many letting/block amangement co’s taking this issue too seriously.

Hope that helps- Kristjan

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