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Condemned boiler, no heating and little hot water

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Help needed please as we are go to small claims court for compensation but we do not know what a reasonble amount is to request. Here is an outline of our story.

The first winter we were in our rented property we discoverd the thermostat was not working and therefore we could not get the heating to work, we reported to the agency (25th Nov) and it took them nearly 2-3 weeks to get a plumber out to us, wherby the boiler was condemned as deemed to be dangerous as running on the wrong gas. The battle then begun.., it took 3-4 weeks to have a new boiler replaced due to the landlord questioning the qualified plumbers decision, when he accepted that a new one was needed when he took over another week to get his plumber out, it then took weeks for him to give the go ahead and get it done, he was willing to make us wait until after new year for his plumber to be available. After a week and from our request he provided us with plug in electric heaters, however these would not work as they kept on blowing the electrics, he refused to offer alternative so we therefore had to buy some ourselves.  We requested compensation for the stress, inconvenience (my daughter had to move rooms hers was so cold), he offered us an insluting £50. We are not greedy people, we will take it to small claims but we do not know how much is an acceptable amount to request. Half the rent perhaps?. Perhaps we shoudl also mention the gas safe certifcate must have been some how incorrectly given as the boiler was unsafe.

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