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condemned boiler no heating or hot water for 3 months

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My boiler was condemned 3 months ago. We Have no heating or hot water (other than a shower). The landlord has gone through a company which is giving away free boilers. but they haven’t put it in yet. Also the windows are single glazed with cracks in. With The weather geyting colder day by day, and I suffer with copd and asthma I have to keep warm. I Don’t know what to do?

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Clearly your landlord has done something about the boiler but you really do need to know when the new boiler will be installed. Do you know who the company is and has this been done through the government’s green deal?

In terms of the windows being single glazed there are no set minimum standards in terms of what a landlord must or must not do but under Part 1 of the Housing Act 2004 houses can be defined as being a health hazard if there is excessive cold.
You could get the local authority housing standards team or the environmental health team to come and inspect the property when it is excessively cold. They can serve notices on the landlord to rectify the problem.


You might need to do a bit of research with the company who have been asked to install the new boiler. Find out who they are and ring them for an update.

These ECO schemes and others like them are in a shambles at the moment. The larger firms have been allocated a lot of money and are subcontracting the work out to smaller firms, who are not getting paid just yet, so new jobs are being delayed.
I must stress, this isn’t happening to all or even a lot, but SOME are affected. Unfortunately your landlord/agent should have been more pro-active, and if I was you I’d contact environmental health by Monday if you haven’t been given a definitive answer by then.


For anyone who has a boiler that has broken down and has waited for a long time for repairs you might want to consider talking to Trading Standards. It might be quicker to get it fixed by taking the landlord to the country court for breach of the Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982. I had a word with them today and although it might take a month or more to achieve, it may end up being shorter than if you hang around for the environmental health officer to inspect, issue a report and then wait for the landlord to repair. If you win the case you will be compensated and then can get the boiler fixed yourself.
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