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Continue staying in property after notice to move out is given

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Hi. I am currently renting a house with 6months tenancy contract.

I have given my agent 2 months notice (as per tenancy contract) to move out from this property which is completing on the same day as the tenancy contract expired.

The problem is I may not be able to move out as the new house is not available on or before the 2 months notice expired. i.e my tenancy contact expiring on 15 May 2016 and the 2 months notice to move out is completing on 15 May 2016 as well.

My question is, do I have the rights to continue staying in this property if i need extra 15 days before the new house is ready for me to move in? 

I have contacted my current agent but they refused to let me continue staying here as someone is moving in this house a day after my contract expired. 

Appreciate all comments/ opinions.

Thank you.

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Hi Quant- this is a very tricky and delicate subject. Strictly speaking, in the eyes of the law, you are entitled to remain at the property until evicted. Of course, this can have ramifications. Letting a property out before it becomes vacant is commonplace in the UK but there is an inherent risk that agents/landlords cannot guarantee vacant possession until they have secured this. Hwever, whist you have a right to stay, do imagine how you would feel if the sitiation were the other way round- if you were due to move in but were then told you couldnt for two weeks! If you have friends or family you can stay with during the ‘gap’ I would advise this as it just keeps everyone’s life easy. However, if this is not an option, you have a right to stay unti evicted. You must, of course, fulfil all other terms of the tenancy regarding rental payments, etc. There are lots of blogs and posts about this online if you do your research.

Hope that helps

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