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Contractor setails

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we have desrepair issue with our agent for almost 5 months now. They kept sending different contracts.Last contractor called me names and told me to write another email and stick it to my a….- when I asked them to take shoes off. They refuse to do the work too

we requested now to pass every contractor details for the safety to know who comes to our rented home 

my husband is working on client site most of the times 

I feel threatened now and not safe in my own home. Agent keeps sending constructors to fix the issue ( now 6 th one ! ) since November 2015.

Could you help please ? Can they send them without providing company details ? 

Thank ne you so much for your advise 


Dear Bellame

You absolutely have the right to feel safe in your own home. Whilst a Tenant should always try to accomodate (reasonable) access requests for maintenance any party is required to give suitable notice and to not enter the property if access is denied.

To enter the property after you have stated for them not to is Tresspassing. I suggest writing a very polite but clear email to the agent setting out fair terms of access and advising them you are aware of your rights in this regard. If the situation is genuinely as frightening as you make out, you may wish to report the matter to police. However I would really recommend reaching an amicable agreement to resolve the matter.

You may wish to check if the agent is a member of an Omdudsman Scheme or an organisation like ARLA, NALS or RICS for alternate recourse if you feel mistreated by the agent in question.

As for the contractors shoes- I dont know any contractors that will wqork without shoes. However, a good contractor should have ‘overshoes’ (the blue baggy to go over the shoe) or shouldnt mind popping carrier bags over them as long as it’s not a hazard.

Hope that helps

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