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I have a 2 year assured short hold tenancy which is renewed on a 2 year basis, it runs out 14th May 2014 last year our landlord said he wanted to put house with an agent and increase the rent to £700 from £540 as another house in the area was rented for that amount, that house was in better condition than this one with garden walk in shower fitted wardrobes, so my question is can the rent increase by this much as contract ends do he have to give us written notice last increase was £35 in 2012 with a days notice by word of mouth.

2nd question we have rented this house for 10 year and never paid a deposit our contract states we paid £875 deposit which landlord signed,

3rd question could he sue use for worn out carpet it was fitted 10 years ago we did change downstair carpet after a flood so it different upstairs and down

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