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Council Tax Deposit Deduction

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I have recently moved out of a rental property and have always prided myself on being a good and responsible tenant. My tenancy concluded on the 27/02/2015 and keys were returned on the 25/02/2015. The managing agent completed a “Check Out Inspection” and it was all clear so I imagined I would get all of my deposit back. 

However the managing agent has now presented me with a council tax bill for the period 01/03/2015 to 31/03/2015. They state that as the bill was issued within 30 days of me vacating the property the bill is my obligation to pay? 

Is this right?



Service provider

This is completely incorrect.  A tenant is only liable for a council tax bill for the duration of their tenancy.  As soon as the tenancy ends, liability returns to the new occupier or the landlord.  You liability ended on 27th Feb.

The only way this could not be the case is if you vacated the property without the required notice and remained the legal tenant for the period in question.


Thank you for the response it’s put my mind at rest. Much appreciated. 

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