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Council Tax dispute

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Hi all!

I am being billed by my local council for council tax. They inform me that I am the one responsible for paying it and having researched they are correct in saying that I am liable to pay. However, in my tenancy agreement it states that my rent includes utilities, “including water, gas, electric and council tax”. Therefore, surely my landlord is wrongly charging me for council tax? 

What should I do about this? The council says it is between me and my landlord. Thanks!

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I’m not an expert but I’m pretty sure that whoever owns the property should be the first port of call for the council. 

I would write to the landlord and point out that he/she is contractually obligated to pay the council tax. Perhaps start by being friendly about it and offer to settle the amount and then take that same amount from the next month’s rent. Then suggest the amount of monthly reduction in the rent that will be required if the landlord wants you to pay the council tax on a regular basis. Make sure you get the landlord’s agreement in writing as if you don’t then you won’t be paying your full rent and you’ll end up in rent arrears. If they don’t agree then you can start talking about breach of contract but try to avoid that.


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