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Council tax for excluded garage

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Hi, we pay the full council tax on a property we rent from an agency. The property has a large double garage attached which is not available to us and excluded from the tenancy agreement. My question is, why should we pay the tax for a sizeable part of the property for which we are unable to use? Is their precedent for a landlord to contribute towards the council tax for areas they wish to retain for themselves? As it stands, we are paying for them to store their junk.

Any advice welcome…

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Local councils really use their own terms and rules about who and how pays council tax at the property. You should find your local council’s website and read the information there or contact them for specific advice. 

I’ve not hear about landlords paying council tax, unless the tenant is a lodget (the landlord lives in the property) or it is an HMO where multiple households share the property. 

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