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Council tax in flat with shared facilities

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I live with my partner in a flat which is at the lower ground floor of a large Victorian house (4 floors). Four other people live in the remaining part of the house and we pay separate council tax. Our flat doesn’t have anything shared with the rest of the house except the fact that we don’t have access to the electric meter box and boilers (with thermostats). This has the consequence that we are unable to control gas/electricity in case of emergency if our neighbours are not at home.

Can this house be considered a HMO? I should specify that we share all utility bills with the rest of the house (as there is only one meter for the whole house). Also, we have already tried to ask the agency/landlord to have independent meter but got no luck. I am asking this as we have been paying council tax for the past 2 years and now I’m wondering whether we are liable for that.



I don’t think this is an HMO though. To be an HMO, two or more households must share common facilities like the bathroom, toilet, living room and kitchen. You only share the utilities meters, which may be a bit inconvenient, but nothing like sharing the fridge and loo. 

So, that will make you fully liable for your own council tax still. 

More info can be found in our dedicated article –

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