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court fees

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hi there, i was served my eviction notice in january, but unfortunately i have now where for my family to live. i have applied for social housing which there is a shortage of so im still stuck here in my landlords house.  we had a court hearing last week where to judge noted several mistakes on the landlords part of the eviction papers and the judge said a statewment of truth from the landlord was needed before the judge would process it.  i have since had a text from the agent telling me i will now be liable for all my landlords court fees. it this correct? and if so which fees will i be liable  for? baring in mind the mistake was the landlords not mine.

thank you

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I think this is referring to all legal costs that the landlord incurred to evict you out of the property. As it’s getting closer to a court ruling, upon success, your landlord will likely make you liable for all their legal costs related to the eviction. 

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