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Court possession

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After being served a section 21 at the beginning of 2013 we as tenets went ahead and tried to find another property, we found 1 but due to such a bad reference from the landlord we couldn’t move to said property, second attempt with a different area and agent and again it happened again!! Well now we have a court date for possession of the property were ‘refusing’ to move out of, if we are not in the property for the date can the landlord still take us to court?? And what would happen if we were to move out before the date??

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If you leave the property there will be no need for the court hearing to go ahead. It is not to put you on trial for anything, it is simply for the landlord to get court permission to evict you. If you have rent arrears or have caused damage to the property this would be dealt with in a different court case in which the landlord makes a claim against you for rent or damage repairs. Have you explained to your landlord that you will be able to move out more quickly if they do not sabotage your efforts by giving you bad feedback? I would suggest you contact your local council asap, as you may well be entitled to be accommodated by them if you are evicted due to no fault of your own.


Hope you get something sorted soon…do speak to your local council about any help they can offer such as the Deposit Guarantee Scheme to assist with you securing a private let too.


Hi Emma.

I understand this was over two weeks ago but was wondering how you’re getting on.

If you are still in the property, I can completely understand your predicament, however, you can avoid giving previous landlord references by opting to go with a letting agency and some ask for a guarantor, or some places even just do credit reference checks to see if you have a good enough income, etc to take you on as tenants.

If you need any more help or advice, don’t hesitate to let us know.

I hope this helps and good luck with the future.

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