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Covenant banning rent on the house I am renting

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Hello everyone. Hopefully someone can help me here. I’ve decided to move out of my 2 bedroom house I have rented for 2 years as it is suffering damp and the landlord has no particular interest in curing it. So far I’ve lost £3k worth of items and unless I can produce receipts she has said she won’t do a thing! 

Anyway, today I found out that there is a covenant on the houses there stating that they may not be rented out. Is there anything I can do to at least recover my losses based on this fact?


Hi Steve,

I would report to issue of damp to the local Environmental Dept to investigate.

As for renting out the property against the covenant, this will almost certianly mean she is aletting out a property that ISNT on a Buy to Let mortgage. As such, if you wish to report the matter, you should do so to the lender. If you buy the property Title Register online from the Land Registry (£3) this will disclose who their lender is. You can then contact them and report the matter.

This is important as she most likely wont have sufficient covers in place for a rental property and, as such, may be placing her Tenants at additional and unnecessary risk.

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