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Credit check

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I had a credit check which was ok and I paid more than 200pounds for it. Now my family moves in and agent/landlord claims it is the law that my wife needs to go through the same process for same price. Is that true? Isn’t it an option for landlords? Isn’t there any cheaper optin?



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If you are a married couple the NO you dont need to pay,but even tho so far i know is not a low…

Good luck



There’s no law that you need to have a credit check – it’s something landlords do to make sure that you will be able to pay the rent. And, unfortunately, it’s something that landlords and agents have turned into a money spinning exercise. Ask them which ‘law’ they’re referring to – if they can’t give you the name of a piece of legislation and the section number within that (I doubt they will be able to) then they’re not being truthful.

In terms of who should be checked, it depends on the names on the tenancy – if you’re both paying the rent then it would be usual for both of you to be credit checked but I would have thought the check would have been done at the same time. It’s completely pointless for them to do a credit check now if you’ve moved in as the tenancy agreement is already signed. I think they’re just trying to milk more money from you – if it was me I would refuse.


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