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Crown Estate Eviction

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As a tenant of the Crown for 25 years we were agast when during a so-called tenancy inspection estate agents Carter Jonas acting on behalf of the Crown Estate issued a section 21 notice of eviction. This abject en-masse exodus project affected and is affecting hundreds of Crown Estate tenants across the UK. Some regional media have covered the cleansing process and MP’s have been involved but all to no avail. Elderly couples, families, those with disabled children all have been show the door by the Crown as they sell off huge swaithes of private housing. The same is true in the commercial agricaultural sector where CE are also forcing out farmers through hiked up rents with land being gobbled up by huge conglomerates. This provides some backgound to our tenenat experience with CE.

We originaly rented from CE through the local farmer. 25 years ago CE rented out all housing with land to farmers. Slowly they seperated off these houses and then sold them. About 13 years ago we began renting direct from CE. Unknown to ourselves CE actually changed the tenancy agreement from secured to short term which is why they issued the section 21. Thankfully the farmer came to our rescure and we manged to prove our origianl agreement was secured. That was just over a year ago.

Since then everyone else in our village (Swaton Lincs) has been evicted, across the country over 300 tenants have been affected and many more are on the list. CE have now sold on our property with us as sitting tennats, again without any prior notice. They just rang out of the blue made a visit explaining that they had sold the property with us in it! As of 16.9.15 we await news of who our new landlords are.

There is far more to our story and the pain we have suffered mentally at the hands of CE as well as the financila investment we have put into this property on the understanding we are life long tenants. CE are ruthless, heartless individuals who operate through obediant Estate agents. The heircahy acts in a SS style without any remorse for the suffering they put tenants through. We have been thorughly dissapointed and dissillusioned with this governemnt accountable organisation. They seem to be above the law and a conspiracy of silence envelopes them. MP’s etc. have all failed to make any headway. My daughter even wrote to the Queen who respectfully said she could not help!

Should anyone have any help or advice please contact me direct. Jason Wright – (01529) 421389 – e-mail


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