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Damage to carpet caused by damaged furnature.

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I moved into my apartment yesterday and decided to move the couch. The couch is on coasters so should have been able to push it into its new location without any issues!

Anyway i pushed the couch and there was a scraping sound. So i looked down and saw a large cut into the capet (about 2 feet). I turned the couch over saw that one of the coasters was bent at an angle and the plastic had been worn to a sharp edge which basically cut the capet like a knife.

Ive emailed the management company with photos and the above description.

Surely i cannot be liable for damaging the carpet?


Hi Cathal

This is a difficult one as it was you moving the sofa that damaged the carpet. Usually, you will be responsible for doing anything in the property that is not considered normal use of it – in theory, as you say, moving the sofa shouldn’t be abnormal.

The letting agent/landlord will most likely tell you that this is your fault. However, if it were me I would dispute that on the basis of the poor condition of the sofa coasters being the problem. I’m not a lawyer so it might be worth speaking to someone at Citizens Advice or a law centre to see what they think.


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