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Damp and Mould

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Firstly apologies, i don’t mean to offend anyone but i am clueless about this situation (bad experience on another forum where is asked this question and got a rollicking for not knowing).

I moved into a rented property 8 days ago, there had been a gutter leak which had been repaired and some pointing replaced to teh front wall outside the main bedroom. I noted a large spongy patch on the wall in the main bedroom where the pointing had been replaced and ensured this was on the inventory and also the damp stains coming through the painting in the second bedroom next to teh chimney breast. There is no loft access available.

There is now damp staining coming through in the main bedroom and mould gathering under the window, and I’ve only been in 8 days. I ensure the propertry is aired, I have had property before and am aware of the need to air them to release moisture.

I am expecting a baby in 3 weeks time and i’m worried about this damp and mould.

My question is what can i do about it? What do i do about it? Do i mention it to the letting agency? 

I have never rented before and before you ask it was all i could afford at short notice. I have a six month contract.

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Hi Sharon

I’m surprised you’ve been told off for not knowing – surely the whole point of a forum is to ask questions! We won’t do that here.

I would put the problems in writing to the agent and request a response that indicates when they will send someone round to look at it and how long it will take to fix after that. Your tenancy will make the landlord responsible for dealing with most types of damp. As you’ve only just moved in it’s unlikely that it could be attributed to your actions. Mention in the letter that you’re heavily pregnant. 

If you don’t get a decent response then your next port of call is usually the local authority environmental health department – if the damp is harmful to your health or a nuisance they can force the landlord to act. Either way someone will come out and look at the damp and you’ll get some information on where it’s coming from and what the effects might be.


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