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Damp and no heating

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I have been renting a property for around 5-6 months, and have another 6 months on the agreement.
Since moving in, its been an absolute nightmare. From the boiler packing up every 5 minutes, leaving us with no hot water or heating.
Even when the heating does work, the pressure on the boiler is a real problem, and the heating doesn’t stay on for more than 15 minutes.
For the past week I have been without heating, and for the past month since the temperature has got a lot colder, I have been waking up with constant headaches, have been depressed and stressed – I report regularly to the estate agents.
They promise it will be sorted one day, then a week goes by, and nothing happens. The goal post keeps being moved.

I am 22 with my partner, no babies or elderly people.
The estate agents gave me 2 little radiators to borrow, but that does nothing for even one room in the flat. The flat is smells of damp and my clothes now smell also.

I record all calls and emails sent to estate agents, but do I have any rights to not pay full months rent / end tenancy agreement sooner?

Id appreciate any advice.
Many thanks

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Sounds like the boiler pressure has dropped causing it to lock out.
I’d be looking for the manufacturers book to check and if necessary top up (don’t overfill ) .

I’d be reporting the damp (condensation?) issue in writing too including any damage to both the property and your belongings – they may blame you later and the lack of heating will cause the Relative Humidity to rise so increase likelihood of condensation.
They can’t expect you to replace the heating capacity of the Gas boiler with a couple of electric heaters so I’d respectfully record that as well.

Hope that helps


Sounds like the boiler needs topping up – I’d suggest consulting the manufacturer’s instructions on how to check the pressure gauge and top up if necessary. There are videos on how to do it on youtube.
By not being able to heat the property properly the relative humidity will rise and condensation is more likely to form on the coldest surfaces eg north facing.
As a defence against a potential future claim against you I would suggest reporting your concerns about damp (condensation ?) in writing and importantly your desire to heat the property but the inability to do so because the heating does not work and the temporary heaters supplied are unlikely to be sized correctly to provide whole house heating and also are far more expensive to run.
Theres a free download on my website about damp / condensation.

Hope that helps

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