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Dangerous roof!!!

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My story.
10 days ago we had some really windy weather and the back of my homegroup property was damaged bringing down guttering and fascia boards more the 20 foot long! Causing damage to my car that was on the drive!! I have kept all receipts for car as it’s total cost was more them £1000!!! I phoned homegroup right away to report this and the following day workmen turned up! After they had lolled at the property they told me to stay in the house and that they were horrified to see how the boards had been fitted in the first place! (20foot board had 3 screws not even 2″ long) they said they would make safe what was left up but they wanted an inspector to see the work as it had been so badly done! So 7 days late fan inspector turns up he agreed the job was incorrectly done in the first place and he would put all that in his report so my car insurance could have a copy. But he also said don’t worry it’s been made safe till we can fix it. So this week 12 days after the first lot of damage me and my boys are sitting in the living room when the biggest bang I have ever heard happened I looked out the door and the whole front of property’s fascias gutters had been ripped off!! (These are the ones made safe) so I get back on the phone the lady says don’t worry the job is booked in tomorrow! So yesterday 3 men turn up saying how they had just drove 4 hours to do this job! Only when they looked they had been sent with all the wrong equipment and parts and when he phoned his boss his bosses words were! It only looked small on the picture!! So they got back in the van and off they went!! So I got back on the phone this time to housing officer for my area she came out a hour later took photos she said she doesn’t think the side piece is going to fall off but the corner piece looks abit unsafe and would send them right away to remove it!! A day on still waiting!!
Sorry for ranting on but I am losing the will here I have two young boys I can’t let play out because they havnt even took away all the sharp fascia and gutters that came off the first time
I really don’t know what to do next I have work this afternoon and we have weather warning for our area do I don’t know what I will be coming home to today!!

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Hi Steph,

If you’re the tenant of a social landlord other than the local authority, such as a housing association, you are entitled to compensation if you report a repair or maintenance problem which affects your health, safety or security and your landlord fails twice to make the repair within a set timescale. There is a flat rate award which is currently £10, plus £2 a day up to a total of £50, for each day the repair remains outstanding. A maximum cost for an eligible repair may be set by the individual landlord. You could contact your landlord for more details about the right to repair scheme whereby you get the repair done and they recompense you for it. You can only do this up to a maximum of £250 and from what you describe it sounds as though this work may cost more than that, but it is worth a try.

Presumably, your insurers will pay you out for the damage to your car and then get the money back from Homegroup’s insurers. You should ask them if they are going to do this since you don’t want your insurance premiums to increase through something that is no fault of your own.

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