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Decorating Prior to Selling

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I have lived in my private rental for over a year, and have a good relationship with my landlords, who live next door. They want to put both houses on the market and have had some valuations done. But have been advised to ‘tidy up’ for photographs etc the properties.

I work from home, have dogs, etc and my house is tidy and clean, if a little dated in decor. What are my rights re decorating? EG if they want to decorate themselves it would be awfully disruptive to my work, better if they were to get someone else in to do it, but even so.

I will have to move out when the time comes to actually sell, and that’s fine as they have to give me two months notice – plenty of time to find somewhere else, but in the meantime, I don’t want a huge amount of disruption. Cheers

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