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Deductions from deposit

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Hi I have recently moved out of my property as a assured shorthold tennant. I cleaned the property and even give it a coat of paint to freshen the place up however the landlord is trying to deduct £162 from my deposit for a light clean.

My questions are:

1 Is there a time frame from me requesting my deposit back to the landlord disclosing if there where to be deductions?

2 if i beleive the property to be clean can I despute of have another reputable cleaning company complete the works at a lower cost?

Thanks You




Straight to your questions:

1. – When the tenancy ends, you have to post a notice requesting your deposit back from the landlord. They then have 10 days to respond and initiate a negotiation for deducting portions of your deposit against an itemised list of problems discovered during the final inspection that were not present or less severe in the initial move in inspection. 

2. – You can dispute everything your landlord wants to deduct. It’s up to the ADR service, provided for free by your deposit protection scheme to decide whether the claim of the landlord is valid, or if they are pushing their luck. However, the ADR takes a lot of time and it’s a stretched bureaucratic process, so negotiation between you and the landlord is recommended.

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