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Deed of Assignment

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I was wondering if anyone can help with advice.

My mother and i rent in a housing associations property. My mother wants pass on her tenancy on to me. After requesting to the landlord for their consent to assign – and housing officers came round and had us sign the ‘deed of Assignment’ – i would have thought this was the end.

Now they are requesting for me to go to a solicitor to draft up a new deed – and then they will take that document as the deed of assignment. And they recently told me that they will ‘expunge’ the one they carried out?!

What i needed to know –

1. Is there obligatory requirements for to draft a document with the solicitors 

2. If so who pays for the cost

3. Can they really ‘expunge’ the deed

4. How can i enforce/make sure they still accept the deed that we signed at our home?

Things at the moment seems one way with the landlord – they haven’t given me a clear explanation as to why a solicitor should draft it and who deals with the cost. How can we get them accept this current deed.

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This is very strange – I don’t see the need for a deed of assignment if there is already one in place. Can you ask them why they need a new deed of assignment? I.e. why the one already signed is not now effective. If they won’t tell you why then it might be because they’ve made some sort of mistake that puts you in a better position than you should be!

You can google a deed of residential tenancy assignment and have a look at some sample documents to see how they compare to the one you have signed. A deed of assignment is normally a very simple document that should be quite short so it may not be worth paying a solicitor. 

See if you can get an answer on why they say a new deed is required and then let us know.


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