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Deposit deduction query

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My partner and I have recently moved out of a flat and are waiting for our deposit to be returned. Today the landlord informed us that he would like us to pay for the replacement of the kitchen tap because it has a leak. I noticed the leak a few months ago but it didn’t occur to me to report it as I didn’t think it was that important. A small pool of water collected in the drainage board of the sink and that’s it.

We disputed with our landlord that it was our fault – how exactly did we cause the tap to turn leaky? How does he know that it isn’t simply wear and tear? But he responded by saying that he has spent thousands of pounds on maintenance in the flat while we were there. That is true but it was also his duty to do so: our boiler failed several times and our kitchen sink was severely blocked due to years of grime build up.

So my question is: are we liable for the tap? Should we pay or continue to dispute?

Thank you

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Even if it wasn’t your fault, by failing to report the problem, which IS your responsibility, you’ve lost the opportunity to bargain and negotiate. Just pay for the tap and move on. 

If you take it to the ADR, you will wait upwards of a month with no guarantee that the money will be awarded to you. 

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