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Deposit dispute

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I am AST tenent. I had so many problems with the landlord and recently moved out. The landlord asked unreasonable deduction from the deposit, and I declined to pay for. I wanted to use ADR service but the landlord refused to use it.

What should I do in this case?

If I want to use Single money claim, Does the landlord have to agree to use ADR service?

Do you think the court action is the only option I have?


Hi Jungrim,

The Landlord has no choice in this matter. If you choose to raise a Dispute with the deposit regulator that is your right and entitlement. Noether party can go to court until this course of action has been taken- one of the key reasins of this legislation was to unbirden the courts with such matters.

Dont liaise with your Landlord, simly contact the company your deposit is registered with, check they have all of your correct contact details and raise a disoute accordingly. You will then need to fill out their dispute forms and supply any/all relevant evidence and they will then rule and allocate funds accordingly. The Landlord has no say in the matter.

The only reason a Landlord would say no to this is of he knows he is asking unreasonable amd unjustified claims.

Cut him out of the loop and deal dorectly with TDS/DPS/TDSL accordingly.

Hope that helps.



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