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Deposit dispute

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Hi I’ve just ended a tenancy and my landlord is wanting £100 from my deposit 

1. To clean the cooker

2. For a 2p piece size of plaster from the ceiling as I had to get her dated fire alarm replaced.

I have an email trail which between me and the letting agency regarding both issues, to which the landlord was happy for me to go back and sort.

I agreed immediately (I actually felt bad about it as she was a nice land lady)

I have since been emailing the agency to arrange a date.

However, it appears the landlady has paid for both the cooker clean and the ceiling which she claims to be of the sum of £100.  I have requested the receipts but nothing has materialised 

To avoid a dispute I have reminded the landlady of the shower I had to replace as she was in Australia and I have never been refunded for – I would have felt that a fair exchange. However it appears not as the DPS refund is still £100 less of the deposit.

I have declined this purely on my co-operation to rectify her issue and secondly she has neither given me fair time to address her complaint nor has she provided me with receipt – for all I know she has left it how it was. I did clean it but obviously not to her standard 

I’m just wondering with what I’ve told you, do I have any rights here? I feel very unfairly treated especially as I made so many improvements to the property – she has not asked me to remove or rectify them!

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You have rights, so long as your deposit is protected with the DPS. 

You can contact the scheme and open a dispute, but before you do, here is what you can try: 

Send your landlady a final notice before action, outlining the problem with the deposit deductions and that you have not been given enough time to address the issue; you were not present on the final inspection where these problems would have been discussed in person and resolution negotiated; you have not been provided with receipts for the charge. 

You can download our free guide, accompanied with template letters form this link –

There is no material evidence the landlady paid 100 to rectify these problems, which means there is no legal way to charge you the intended deductions. 

If the landlady doesn’t respond or refuses, you should go to the scheme, where I’m sure the issue will be addressed properly. Though you must know that it takes quite a lot of time, due to going back and forth between you, the scheme and the landlord. 

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